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Donate: Help us Make Healthy, Itch-free, Low-cost Sanitary Napkins

My aim is to make two variations of the product in 2-3 sizes to offer better comfort and usability. The starting price of the product will be Rs. 27 for a packet of 7 pads and we plan to produce at least 2500 pc/day.

More than 75% of women in rural areas can’t afford sanitary napkins, which is why I am selling the product at a much cheaper price than the current ones available in the market, so they are affordable and accessible to more number of women in urban and rural areas.

The total cost to set up the manufacturing unit would be Rs. 16,70,000. I have invested Rs. 6,00,000 from my side and need to raise Rs.11,50,000 more. The money will be used towards buying of equipment, raw materials, instruments etc.

Please help me raise the required amount to create a better product! Contribute to this fundraiser (you can also check out the rewards you will get for your contributions) or share this fundraiser with your friends and family or anyone who would be interested!


Contribute Rs.324 for 1 year worth of napkins and get one packets free

Contribute Rs. 648 for 2 years worth of napkins and get three packets free

Contribute Rs.1944 for 5 years worth of napkins and get seven packets free

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