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About us :

I am Laksham Bagul, a Cosmetologist from Pune, Maharashtra. Over the years, while working with various patients who complained of rashes, itching and irritation caused due to the synthetic quality of sanitary napkins, I realized that we need a higher quality sanitary napkin that is safe and friendly to sensitive and normal skin types.

Therefore, I am launching a new brand of napkins, called Dr. Bagul’s Lady Care Sanitary Napkins, using my expertise and knowledge as a doctor to make cost-effective and hygienic sanitary napkins for all women. The new napkins will be made of premium quality raw material and will be manufactured in a facility, with care to sanitation and hygiene - which will help deliver a premium product.

our aim is to make two variations of the product in 2-3 sizes to offer better comfort and usability. The starting price of the product will be Rs. 27 for a packet of 7 pads and we plan to produce at least 2500 pc/day.

More than 75% of women in rural areas can’t afford sanitary napkins, which is why we are selling the product at a much cheaper price than the current ones available in the market, so they are affordable and accessible to more number of women in urban and rural areas.