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Welcome to Dr Bagul's Lady Care Sanitary Napkin India

Initiative by Dr. Laksham Bagul, a Cosmetologist from Pune, Maharashtra. Over the years, while working with various patients who complained of rashes, itching and irritation caused due to the synthetic quality of sanitary napkins, we realized that we need a higher quality sanitary napkin that is safe and friendly to sensitive and normal skin types.

Therefore, we are launching a new brand of napkins, called Dr. Bagul’s Lady Care Sanitary Napkins, using Dr.Bagul's expertise and knowledge as a doctor to make cost-effective and hygienic sanitary napkins for all women. The new napkins will be made of premium quality raw material and will be manufactured in a facility, with care to sanitation and hygiene - which will help deliver a premium product.

Our Products :

L Wings

Rs 30
Rs 27
  • 230 mm
  • Medium Flow

XL Wings

Rs 44
Rs 39
  • 280 mm
  • Medium to Heavy Flow

Maxi Comfort
XXL Wings

  • 320 mm
  • Heavy Flow & Overnight

Extra Comfort
XXL Wings

  • 400 mm
  • Extra Heavy Flow & Overnight